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Interpersonal Effectiveness DEAR MAN GIVE FAST Skills

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This dialectical behavior therapy skills training video teaches the interpersonal effectiveness skills best remembered by the acronyms DEAR MAN GIVE FAST. The skills will help you learn to be more effective in getting what you want or need from others.



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This video covers dialectical behavior therapy emotion regulation ABC PLEASE skills, which are particularly aimed at reducing vulnerability to emotion mind. The skills covered are taught from a peer perspective.

Behavior Chain Analysis & Generating Solutions

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Continuing with the emotion regulation skills module, this dialectical behavior therapy training video provides viewers the rationale behind behavior analysis and a step by step guide on how to conduct a behavior chain analysis, generate DBT skills based solutions, make repairs, overcorrect harm, and create prevention strategies for problematic behaviors.

Problem-Solving Emotion Regulation

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In this video, you learn the dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) emotion regulation skill problem solving, that is how to figure out what to do when you are experiencing intense or unwanted emotions. In the previous two videos (4b, 4c) you learned the emotion regulation skills check the facts and opposite action. In the problem solving video you will learn how to put all three together to generate solutions for emotional situations. If you have any comments or questions you can send Rachel Gill an email at ilovedbt@gmail.com or you can check out DBT Peer Connections website at ilovedbt.com

Opposite to Emotion Action

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In this episode, we explore the dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill opposite to emotion action or opposite action for short. You will learn what opposite action is, how to apply it using the skill check the facts explored in Episode 4b, and a number of different opposite actions for different emotions with examples from a peer with five years experience in a comprehensive DBT program.

Check the Facts of Emotional Responses

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This is part 2 of the emotion regulation skills training videos I am creating. The first emotion regulation video, Ep 4a, discusses identifying and labeling emotions. Here we discuss check the facts, which is a skill we use in DBT to determine whether an emotional response is appropriate for a situation. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to check the facts and provides examples of a variety of emotions that fit the facts to help build a point of reference for solving problematic emotional responses. In the next video we will cover the skill opposite action.

Introduction to DBT Emotion Regulation Skills


This video introduces the skills and key concepts that relate to emotion regulation as taught in dialectical behavior therapy skills training groups. The video presents skills from a DBT client peer perspective not DBT therapist expertise. Please share your comments about what you like and do not like after viewing so we can improve future videos.