DBT Peer Connections

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Worry is like water.
I drink. I thirst.

People come.
I hide.
They seek.

Dreams are safe.
I do not think.
I breath.

I worry.
I want.
I do not.
Go outside.


Author: Rachel Gill

I am a survivor on mission to synthesize balance from division, to find dialectical healing, learn to love what I am feeling, live in the now, show my peers how.

2 thoughts on “Agoraphobia

  1. Nice.

    PS: I like the “like” buttons. But I don’t like the “rate” options. I prefer to practice Non-Judgmental Stance! ::laughs::


    • Thanks for your feedback and rating is not necessarily judging. In DBT, particularly stage 2 and 3 where clients begin to do exposure work, rating is absolutely necessary. Subjective Units of Distress or SUDS is how one determines whether he or she is within his or her window of tolerance. In this context, I added the rating because it is a simple way to allow people to offer feedback that I need from you in order to make the blog more effective in providing useful DBT information. That said, I am all for practicing our DBT mindfulness skill “non-judgmentally” and your post helped me see a point of view on ratings that I had not considered before. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Stay mindful.



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