DBT Peer Connections

Building Hope, Community and Skillful Means

Grounding Me


My tongue tastes sour
feels pasty, thick
lips dry
throat sticky

My neck is stiff
shoulders tense
head slightly achy

My heart beats
in my ears
I hear white noise

My eyes are dry
head heavy
I see white, purple,
carpet, screen, box

My mind quiets
breath slows
awareness grows


Author: Rachel Gill

I am a survivor on mission to synthesize balance from division, to find dialectical healing, learn to love what I am feeling, live in the now, show my peers how.

2 thoughts on “Grounding Me

  1. I laugh I cry,
    I sing the blues,
    After I hear the morning news

    Make War, Make War
    I hear them say,
    as if we don’t matter anyways.

    The laughter, the joys, the smell of spring,
    I listen for the whispers of the inner rings,
    Make peace Make peace the whispers say

    For tomorrow my friend is Brand New Day.


  2. very real


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