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 photo aniBrainScan.gif
Laying here
As I do

I think

I think
Too much

I often
think I do


Author: Rachel Gill

I am a survivor on mission to synthesize balance from division, to find dialectical healing, learn to love what I am feeling, live in the now, show my peers how.

4 thoughts on “Rumination

  1. The more we think, the more we know and then the more we can grow. We are connected to millions of atoms and molecules all vibrating at the same time. Should the vibrations all stop, we would cease to exist, so given that option, I am going to keep on thinking. The brain is our only option for growth, as I begin to understand by reviewing over and over the reasons I appear to be stuck, I quickly look up and say THANK YOU to my great creator who loves me so much, I am still here to relay the message. Thinking is good, action is however the piece we much find peace in. Think a thought reap and act.
    Dyslexia forces me to keep repeating thoughts, events and instructions, just so I can fully understand the complexity of my life and the lives of others. Take care and keep thinking.


    • You make some important points. I will try to clarify mine. In dialectical behavior therapy mindfulness exercises reveal two states, doing mind and being mind. The first refers to problem-solving and planning thoughts, which commonly refer to the past or future and being mind which refers to an awareness of the present moment, the temperature of one’s skin, the surrounding sounds in the air, the taste in one’s mouth, colors and textures seen within one’s immediate sight.This is practicing mindfulness. For me, rumination is about getting stuck in doing mind, particularly as I am laying down to attend to sleep, which turns out to be counterproductive. Therefore, the poem refers to my personal experience with rumination, which is relative but not necessarily relevant to others experiences, which is what makes your point of view and comment so valuable. Thank you for the added perspective.


  2. I think. I think about what I am thinking. I think about what I am thinking I am thinking about.

    Damn. Over-analysing and over thinking everything! Tenfold!


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